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Unboxed CrossFit Retreats in Greece

We provide the ideal vacation for CrossFitters and fitness enthusiasts in Kardamili; a truly inspiring and unique location. We bring coaches, athletes and affiliates together from around the world to inspire your journey towards elite fitness. Our CrossFit retreats are holidays designed to balance expertly coached training, fun outdoor activities and relaxation in our serene boutique hotel located in this picturesque Greek village on the Mediterranean coast. We train with top athletes that coach in some of the best CrossFit gyms in the world and want to bring you and them together to get Unboxed.

Taygetos Hiking 2

From the Viros majestic gorge, through Vasiliki’s timeless forest down to Trachila’s sea sculpted rocky coves, Western Mani is blessed with a landscape so diverse that can keep you busy for a lifetime exploring it. The Base of 2407 Mountain Activities is located on Kardamili’s main road n the town center.

Our team has been professionally active in the area since 2008.  Join us, and walk, trek, run, climb or cycle through this truly spectacular region. We guide you through routes and trails tailored to suit all levels and needs.


The easy routes include soft inclines with walking times of 2 to 3 hours, the medium difficulty routes are for 5 to 6 hours on hard ground or through gorges and the difficult routes can be for long hours (6 to 8 hours) and include crossing or climbing in the mountains (like the peak of Taygetos mountain 2407m.), and require high level of fitness.


Those that love mountain biking will find themselves in wonder at the astonishing routes which pass through nature using dirt tracks, forest roads and stone paths.  The mountain villages of West Mani are connected with the sea villages with a net of un-surfaced or asphalt roads that can offer long uphill and downhill rides for the road bike enthusiasts.

You can rent a bike and discover the area by yourself or join our cycling tours.

Rock climbing

Kalamitsi outdoor climbing area is a natural terrace halfway between Kardamili and Stoupa. On its limestone crags, you will find more than 30 bolted climbing routes of a wide range of difficulty. So, we invite you to take your first vertical steps or improve your technique under the expert guidance of our Climb up team.

In the shop of 2407 you will find all the equipment you will need for your choice of activity, from top quality brands.

Discover the spirit of Mani!

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*PHOTO CREDIT 2407m Giannis Avrameas

Kardamili Activities Kayak - Beach

In collaboration with Exploring Messinia Outdoor Activities we present to you a unique way to explore and experience our coastline by Sea Kayaking. Paddling at the foot of the imposing Taygetos, we discover the wild beauty of a place that was never conquered.

Sea Kayaks give us the opportunity to explore inch by inch the rich imagery and diversity of the indented coastline of Mani. We paddle in turquoise waters, discovering idyllic beaches sprouted between the coastal fishing villages, which are rich in history and tradition.

At the beginning of the activity we attend a brief but comprehensive introduction to the basics of sea kayaking. We get our kayaks and begin to enjoy an excursion where each little cove hides a special surprise such as hidden caves, cliffs with spectacular formations and unique beaches with sand or pebbles such as the well hidden beach of Foneas with the white pebbles or the beach of Kalogria with its fine golden sand and turquoise waters.

The beach of Kalogria is known as the beach of Zorbas, as this was the place where writer Nikos Kazantzakis met his hero of his book Zorba the Greek. Halfway we make a relaxing stop for swimming, snorkeling and a picnic with local traditional delicacies.

Included are:

  1. Full Sea Kayak equipment: boat, paddle, life jacket, spray-skirt, waterproof jacket
  2. Extra equipment: waterproof bags and cases, pumps and paddle-float
  3. Snorkeling equipment (goggles and respirators)
  4. BCU trained and certified guides
  5. Sea Kayak course
  6. Tour planning – Sightseeing
  7. Picnic with fruit and Traditional delicacies
  8. Photographs from the activity
  9. Liability insurance
Kardamili Activites Scuba Diving

The Dive Code facilities are located on the beautiful sandy beach of Kalogria in Stoupa. Dive Code is endorsed by both PADI and Bureau Veritas. Dive Code offers a variety of activities and services revolving around the sea.

For non-divers, boat rides and snorkeling trips in the area are a fun and interesting way to explore the coast and underwater habitats.

For people interested in trying scuba diving for the first time, the Bubble-maker program (for children that are 8 or 9 years old) and the Discover Scuba Diving program (for anyone over the age of 10) are available. For avid Scuba Divers, guided dives, scuba-review dives as well as next level certification (Open Water Diver, Advanced Open Water Diver, Rescue Diver etc. all the way up to Dive Master for those who are thinking of taking a step into the world of diving as a professional) are offered.

Equipment for rental or purchase is available.


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Crossfit Barebell

We are very happy and proud to introduce you to the first ever CrossFit friendly hotel in this beautiful and unspoiled region of Peloponnese in Greece.  CrossFitters and fitness enthusiasts of all levels will feel right at home at our training facilities located on our hotel grounds.

We understand that the true fitness enthusiast, whether a professional or amateur athlete, never wants to part from his/her barbells, kettle bells and gymnastics rings.  It is for this reason that we have incorporated an outdoor Gym for the athlete in you.  Our outdoor facilities have been designed with the most demanding athletes in mind in a natural and inspiring setting of breathtaking beauty.

We train in the open air surrounded by nature, on one side by the majestic Taygetos mountain range and on the other by the tranquil Mediterranean sea. Train on your own or take part in individual and group sessions coached by our Crossfit Trainers and make sure you check out our Fitness camps.